Arnold & Itkin File Suit for Three Injured in Explosion at Nitrogen Plant

Arnold & Itkin LLP has filed a suit on behalf of three workers who sustained severe injuries while working at a nitrogen plant at the time of a rupture. Their injuries are both physical and psychological. The nitrogen plant where this incident occurred is located in Ascension Parish. According to reports, nitrogen was being loaded off of a pumping tank truck at the plant when there was a rupture. The blast killed one worker and injured seven others. Two of the victims were airlifted to hospitals promptly after the incident.

The Cause of the Incident

The state police believe the accident occurred due to a small rupture in a vessel or "header" when nitrogen was being taken off the truck. Investigators say that the rupture was caused by over pressurization, just like when an over-inflated tire gets popped. Plant supervisors say that the rupture caused no threat to the neighbors around the plant, and say that the explosion is considered an isolated incident.

Jason Itkin, Cory Itkin, and Noah Wexler are representing three of the individuals harmed at this nitrogen plant. The plant is the largest in North America that produces nitrogen. Authorities are still investigating the incident, though it has been termed a "catastrophic failure" of a manifold that is used to distribute gas to the facility. The case was filed in Harris County, Texas. The lawyers at Arnold & Itkin are proud to help clients get the medical attention that they need and assist them as they recover from this shocking incident.


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