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Arnold & Itkin File Suit on Behalf of Injured Seaman

Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Kyle Findley, and another attorney from Arnold & Itkin are representing a client who was wrongfully injured while working offshore. On his behalf, they have filed a suit against Southern States Offshore, Inc. holding them accountable for injuries sustained by their client while working on one of their vessels in the Gulf of Mexico. The plaintiff was instructed to unload cargo from the vessel while the seas were rough and as a result fell backwards landing on a pad-eye.

This accident led to the victim receiving both back and shoulder injuries. While there are a number of concerns with the overall safety of the vessel, one pressing issue was that there was minimal space separating the cargo on the deck. Due to the restricted space, the workers' were often required to crawl over the cargo in order to move around; this too contributed to the plaintiff's injury on the vessel. The case was filed and is currently pending in Harris County, Texas.

If you or a loved one has been recently injured while working offshore, look no further than our firm at Arnold & Itkin LLP. With years of experience we are prepared to handle a wide variety of personal injury cases, and we want to fight for you. Working on a vessel can be extremely dangerous, and we understand that in many cases victims who are injured on the job often do not receive the recovery that they deserve. It is the mission of our firm to help our clients fight for the compensation they deserve after their injury. Contact us to learn more about our firm and to find out how our legal team can fight for you. Don't be the victim any longer, call us today!