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Arnold & Itkin LLP Files Lawsuit Against Ware's Giant Tire Services

Two female victims of a rear-end truck accident in Fort Worth, Texas are now under the professional representation of Houston personal injury lawyers at Arnold & Itkin LLP. After severely injuring their back and neck in the unexpected truck accident that left them wrongfully suffering, the women decided to seek professional advice from our firm, and they are now actively pursuing a lawsuit as a result.

Upon speaking with our team, it was clear that the large commercial truck that struck the women's car from behind caused severe injuries that deserve to be compensated. As such, Arnold & Itkin LLP is now proudly representing both female victims in a suit that seeks to obtain the proper medical treatment and compensation that they deserve. Under our direction, swift action will be taken against Ware's Giant Tire Services in Tarrant County, Texas.

Wrongful injuries, particularly those caused by negligent trucking companies or the drivers who work for them, are a primary focus of our firm's personal injury practice. Since beginning our firm, we have successfully collected hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of our clients, some of whom were personally victimized in truck accidents that could have been easily avoided. Any number of circumstances could result in a serious injury accident, and we take it upon ourselves to investigate the nature of these collisions to determine what caused the incident in the first place.

From driver fatigue, to negligent trucking companies, to faulty truck parts, there are several factors to consider in the aftermath of a truck accident that has left one or more victims injured or otherwise harmed. Just as we plan to do for the two women of the Fort Worth accident, our legal team is prepared to work with specialists and investigators in order to determine the direct cause of a trucking accident of this nature. Our every effort will be invested into helping the victims of a truck accident secure the compensation that they deserve..

Truck accidents can be some of the most catastrophic and devastating of all motor vehicle accidents on the road. No one knows this better than the victims whose lives have been adversely affected by a collision of this nature. At Arnold & Itkin LLP we are committed to helping those victims recover damages for any wrongful injuries that were sustained as a result. Our legal service is offered on a contingent basis, meaning that you won't be asked to pay anything until we have obtained a successful verdict on your behalf. We encourage you to contact our office today for more information about how we can be of service after your injury accident in Texas or anywhere else.