Battery Fire Risks Force FFA to Ground Boeing 787 Airliners

No one wants to fly on a plane that is not functioning correctly, which is why federal officials are temporarily grounding all Boeing’s 787 Dreamliners until further notice because of a potential for battery fires. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) says that it is issuing an emergency safety order on the matter. All U.S. airlines are no longer permitted to operate the 787 planes until they have been given clearance by the FAA. This announcement is noteworthy because the 787 is considered Boeing’s newest and most technologically advanced aircraft to date. For the company, grounding these state of the art airplanes is an embarrassment. They have been considered the planes of the future and this new announcement to ground the planes comes as a significant blow.

The FAA has declared that they will be working with Boeing and other U.S. airline companies in order to come up with a plan that will allow the 787s to be back up in the air as soon as possible. The decision to ground the 787s will mostly affect United Airlines, which is the only U.S. carrier that has the planes in its fleet. There are six of these airplanes which are scheduled to make hundreds of flights throughout the next months. Now, all of those flights have been cancelled, stranding travelers and causing vacationers to rearrange their plans or try to get flights through another carrier in short order. United Airlines has announced that it will be redirecting passengers to other planes in order to arrive at their destinations as close to on time as possible.

The decision to ground the planes came as a shock to money because they were declared safe by the FAA Administration Michael Huerta and the Transportation Secretary Ra LaHood only a few days ago. In fact, LaHood even went so far as to say that he would have no problem flying on the plane himself. The reason for the sudden change in opinion happened after a 787 was forced to perform an emergency landing in Japan on Wednesday because of the potential for a battery fire on the plane. According to reports two Japanese airlines grounded their 787s because of the scare. While no one was harmed, many believed that the risks could have been significant.

While the FAA order only applies to the 787s that are located in the United States, other countries are encouraged to follow suit and ground their 787s in order to avoid a terrible plane accident or fire. There are fifty Dreamliners all throughout the globe that are in operation as present. Because the 787s were manufactured in the United States, many believe that the other countries that possess these planes will follow suit. Airplanes are not always reliable, as this story indicates. If you are harmed in an airplane accident due to a malfunction such as a battery fire, then you need an attorney on your side. Talk to a Houston personal injury lawyer at Arnold & Itkin today if you need more information or are looking for representation!


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