Florida Company Fined Millions for Healthcare Fraud Crime

According to the Florida-Times Union, the federal government recently discovered a discrepancy when researching the activities at a Jacksonville, Florida company called American Sleep Medicine LLC. According to the research, the company was using unlicensed sleep technicians to perform the sleep diagnostic services that it advertised. All sleep technicians are required by federal law to have a license. These medical licenses are obtained after years of study, training and tests. If technicians do not have this license, then chances are that they are not adequately trained to handle the machinery used for these treatments.

In addition to this offense, the Justice Department determined that American Sleep Medicine LLC was billing government health care programs for studies that they conducted on sleeping disorders. The Department of Justice declared that this was illegal and unnecessary because the technicians did not even have the credentials to conduct the research. Any mistakes in the research or treatments by American Sleep Medicine LLC can be considered malpractice because the technicians were not properly trained to perform their duties.

The Department of Justice says that this company worked on many Medicare patients and men and women that are a part of military families. The federal government believes that these people have the right to be treated by credentialed professionals when they need medical care. Sadly, this is not the only health fraud case that has occurred in the United States in recent months. In fact, the Department of Justice reports that health care fraud costs America about $80 billion per year. Because of this, the federal government is cracking down on offenders.

When there is fraud against the government, it subsequently drives up the cost of health care. By cracking down on fraudulent offenses in America, the government hopes that they can keep the health care expenses down and eradicate illegal business. As a result of their mistake, American Sleep Medicine LLC will need to pay the government $15.3 million. The Department of Justice hopes that this high fine will teach the company a lesson and keep them from allowing men and women without the proper credentials to run diagnostics and tests on patients.

If you have been harmed by healthcare fraud or treated by a doctor or physician’s assistant that was not licensed to perform the procedures, you may have the right to seek compensation from the company that was in the wrong. If you need an attorney to come alongside you and advocate for payment, then contact Arnold & Itkin today. These personal injury attorneys are ready and willing to take most cases and will be able to help you evaluate your situation and see whether your case is truly worth pursuing.

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