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Chemical Plant Explosion in Louisiana Leads to Multiple Injuries

A chemical plant in the state of Louisiana was the site of an explosion and fire on Thursday. According to CNN, authorities felt the need to evacuate the area after the incident, and multiple workers who were near the site of the explosion were injured. Authorities ordered residents to stay inside while people extinguished the fire.

The plant is located in Geismar, Louisiana and company spokesmen say that people were hurt in the accident, but they did not know how severely. The Iberville Office of Emergency Preparedness told the press that at least six people were taken to hospitals in the area by helicopter after the explosion. Another four people were transported to medical facilities by ambulance.

A recent report on NBC says that at least 25 people reported injuries in the aftermath of the explosion, and the Associated Press has reported at least 30 injuries in connection with the incident. Some of those victims may have been treated at the scene of the accident for minor injuries.

Video from WAFB shows flames and thick black smoke rising into the air from one part of the plant at 8:37 a.m. Video also shows smoke coming from another section of the plant, indicating that there may have been multiple fires at the location. Crews say that they shut-down the location of the fire after the explosion and isolated the unit so that they could combat the flames.

The Williams Olefins Chemical Plant produces 1.3 billion pounds of ethylene and 90 million pounds of polymer-grade propylene per year. The plant is located near the Mississippi River south of Baton Rouge. There is still no word about the cause of the explosion, but spokesman say that the chemical plant is still abuzz with investigators and clean-up crews.

A spokesman notified news anchors that the fire has been diminished and emergency response crews are working fast to completely extinguish the chemically-fueled blaze. Fire officials are also on the scene, including the fire chief and the district fire chief. No reports of chemical exposure in relation to the explosion have been released.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the massive equipment in the plant operates under intense pressure, and high temperatures at the plant can also help to fuel fires and explosions. Most of the explosions are quickly brought under control, and there are rarely injuries or damage from these incidents. In the past two years, there have been at least two other explosions on petrochemical plants in Louisiana.

Chemical explosions at plants like this one are somewhat common, but they are always serious. If you are injured in a chemical explosion then you deserve to seek compensation from the company that employs you. You have the right to seek damages for any medical bills that you need to pay in regards to your injuries, and may even be able to seek a settlement for the loss of enjoyment of life or the emotional damage of the accident. Talk to a Houston personal injury attorney at Arnold & Itkin today for more information about plant explosion litigation!