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Offshore Worker Receives $395,000 Settlement for Leg Injury

A Port Isabel resident was working offshore in the Gulf of Mexico when he was struck in the leg by a mooring line. The incident resulted in a variety of leg injuries, and the worker needed surgery to recover. After his arthroscopic surgery, the worker decided to seek compensation for his medical bills. When he took the case to court, the defendants argued that the accident happened because of the worker's own negligence. The defense team argued that this worker had knee injuries prior to working on the offshore rig, and that he should not receive compensation for the medical bills associated with the surgery.

Despite this defense argument, Cory Itkin, Noah Wexler, and Jason Itkin worked together to help the individual secure a $395,000 settlement that would satisfy the costs of his surgery and help him to recover in comfort. The case was pending before the Honorable Rolando Olvera in Cameron County, Texas before the lawyers at Arnold & Itkin LLP were able to help settle the matter. If you are looking for an offshore injury attorney that you can rely on to tackle your case then the attorneys at Arnold & Itkin LLP are right for you. With the right attorney on your side, you may be able to get the settlement that you deserve for you injuries. Contact these offshore injury and Houston personal injury attorneys today!