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Caution: Maritime Employers Falsifying Accident Records

If you were recently injured in an offshore accident, it is very likely that is was a direct result of the negligent or careless act of another co-worker or employer. According to numerous studies, about 70% of maritime accidents and injuries are caused by human error as opposed to mechanical, etc. for this reason, it is important to realize that as a maritime worker you are entitled to various rights and compensation for your pain and suffering. In the event that you have been injured after an accident at the hands of another individual, contact Arnold & Itkin today for the Houston offshore personal injury attorney you deserve to have fighting for your rights.

Unfortunately, many employers do not want to be held responsible for the injuries you have incurred while on the clock, whether it was the companies fault or other workers. For this reason, more and more employers are getting into the habit of falsifying documents in order to protect themselves from spending money for injured workers. What these companies do not realize is that by their wrongful, and illegal, actions, they are just paving the road for a Jones Act claim. In the event you have been injured, be prepared for your employer to do whatever they can to hide evidence that proves your injury. Here are a few things to be aware of in the event you are trying to file a claim against your employer for your workplace injury.

  • They may attempt to prove the accident occurred when you were off the clock
  • Employers may attempt to bride (or threaten) co-workers to act as an eyewitness against your testimony
  • They may seek to alter medical records to display a preexisting condition to show the cause of the injury
  • Employers may fabricate evidence altogether showing that your injury was sustain prior to entering or exiting their ship/premises
  • Employers might sanitize the scene of the accident so that no investigators will be able to link the incident to their ship/ complicate evidence

It is unfortunate to say that there are employers who will illegally act in order to protect themselves and their businesses in the event of an injured worker. In most cases, however, companies realize the importance of complying with the law and they will go about the process ethically in order to help their workers. As a Jones Act employee, you have the right to receive workers' compensation in the event of an accident and subsequent injury. At Arnold & Itkin we will seek to do whatever we can in order to protect your rights as a maritime worker and as an injury victim. Contact our office today by phone or fill out a free case evaluation online, today.