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Arnold & Itkin Wins $565,000 Big-Rig Accident Settlement

Arnold & Itkin LLP is passionate about doing everything possible to give clients the service that they deserve. Recently, Arnold & Itkin LLP took on a case for plaintiff Mary Berryman. Berryman was driving when a big-rig truck allegedly ran a stop sign and collided into her vehicle. The accident happened in December of 2010. The truck driver claims that Berryman could have easily avoided the accident by swerving outwards further.

Due to the collision, Berryman suffered severe back pain. Scorpion Transport, the company that owned the big-rig vehicle, hired their own insurance provider defense attorneys to investigate Berryman's claim. They unearthed doctors' records from 2007 that show Berryman suffered herniated discs in her lower back and neck. The insurance company than argued that they should not need to reimburse Berryman because her injuries were only aggravated by the collision,

The case went to an out-of-court mediation meeting. At this meeting, the mediator proposed a settlement that was a negotiation. Both parties rejected the suggested settlement amount. Arnold & Itkin LLP then accompanied Berryman to the next mediation meeting. With convincing language and using the evidence available, the team at Arnold & Itkin LLP was able to convince the mediator that the original settlement wasn't fair.

The insurance provider for Scorpion Transport agreed to pay a $565,000 settlement to cover Berryman's injuries, property damages, and recovery time off of work. When you are looking for a Houston personal injury attorney to handle your truck accident, hire Arnold & Itkin LLP. The dedicated attorneys at this firm have been able to gather over $500 million in settlements and verdicts in the past three years. Hire a firm that is aggressive and dedicated to getting you the compensation that you deserve!