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Hotel Settles Suit for $10.9M for Railing Accident

In Norfolk, Virginia a toddler fell through a large gap in the hotel stairwell and landing one floor below on his head. As a result of this tragic accident, this little 2 year old boy suffered severe brain injuries and was required to undergo surgical procedures. Unfortunately, because of the incident, his injuries are permanent and will likely add up to extensive medical costs for the rest of his life. The family contacted a personal injury attorney and filed a lawsuit for premises liability against the hotel owner, originally seeking $50 million in damages for their son's lifetime injury.

Just last month the Norfolk Circuit Court Judge approved the settlement that was negotiated by the two parties at a total of $10.9 million for the injuries that the boy incurred. Reports say that almost $4 million will go towards the unpaid medical bills that have accrued since the injury and the attorney fees, and the rest will be set aside in a lifetime trust fund for the boy that will be used for his medical bills over the years. The family will receive funds through a payment plan.

Proving the liability and fault of a hotel can be a large task to handle on your own, which is why contacting an attorney in your area is so crucial to fighting your claim. At Arnold & Itkin, we are committed to helping each of our clients prove their claim and obtain the settlement that they deserve for their pain and suffering, and in this case for the child's. If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a dangerous stairwell, or any other injury, please contact our office for the Houston personal injury lawyer you deserve fighting on your behalf!