Six Suggestions for Safer Biking

The personal injury attorneys at Arnold & Itkin know that as summer approaches, people will be heading outside to enjoy leisure activities like bike riding. While getting on a bike is a fun and environmentally friendly way to travel, it can also be dangerous. To keep you and your family healthy, we offer these six tips for bicycle safety:

  1. Follow the Law
    Just because you are riding on two wheels instead of driving with four doesn't mean you can ignore the rules of the road. As a bike rider, you have the same rights and obligations as vehicle drivers. That means you must obey traffic signals and stop signs as well as any other traffic guides. You should also ride in the rightmost lane in the direction in which you are travelling when riding in traffic.
  2. Make your Moves Clear
    Don't assume motorists and other bikers know what you are thinking. Bikers should always use signals and check behind and all around before changing lanes or making turns.
  3. Stand Out
    Dress in conspicuous colors and use lights on your bicycle, especially when riding at night.
  4. Plan your Route
    Be a defensive biker by trying to anticipate what drivers, pedestrians and other bicyclists might do next. Be sure to ride outside the door zone of parked cars, and watch the road carefully for debris, potholes or other hazards.
  5. Protect Yourself
    Always wear a helmet—it can mean the difference between a fatal injury and a minor incident in the event of a fall or collision. Also make sure your bike is in proper working order, with tires fully inflated, brakes in working order and the chain running smoothly.
  6. Respect yourself and Others
    Don't let yourself fall victim to road rage, even if a car cuts you off. In a road rage battle, the bike isn't going to win, so stay calm to stay safe.

Our team of attorneys knows how devastating a bicycle accident can be, so follow these six tips to enjoy your rides injury free. For more detailed information on safe biking, check out the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's guide to adult bicycle safety. Get outside and enjoy!


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