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Arnold & Itkin Recovers $1.67 Million for Helicopter Crash Victim

Plaintiff Injured in Helicopter Crash Wins Lawsuit Against PHI

Attorneys Cory Itkin and Caj Boatright of Arnold & Itkin LLP recovered $1.67 million on behalf of a client who was injured in a helicopter crash. The plaintiff was flying from Port O'Connor in Calhoun County, Texas, to a platform near the Gulf when the helicopter tail rotor malfunctioned and ceased working halfway through the flight. The pilot made an emergency controlled landing that was reportedly a soft touchdown. The flotation devices, however, were installed incorrectly by the helicopter company, PHI. Since the hoses were crossed during installation, the floatation devices failed to work and the helicopter rolled over in the water.

Details Relating to the Helicopter Accident

The plaintiff was forced to exit the helicopter and hold onto the skids while the helicopter was upside down. He was rescued via rescue boat and required back surgery, along with various treatments for PTSD. PHI argued the plaintiff had a long history of back pain and was on medication for it prior to the accident. They also claimed that he had pre-existing anxiety problems and the injuries he reported were not caused by the accident due to the soft landing and non-violent rollover. Since none of the other passengers were injured, PHI believed the plaintiff should not have sustained any injuries and his accusations were false.

Arnold & Itkin Successfully Win Case Against Helicopter Company

The attorneys from Arnold & Itkin assigned to the case filed the case in Calhoun County, beat all accusations by PHI, and won $1.67 million on behalf of the client. One of the plaintiff's attorneys, Cory Itkin, stated that the firm was exceptionally pleased with the outcome of the case and that they hoped this case will encourage helicopter companies, such as PHI, to stop putting passengers at risk and maintain their helicopters. If you sustained injuries due to someone else's negligence, please contact Arnold & Itkin today.