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Survivors of the South Bend Plane Crash Pursue Lawsuit

J. Rodgers is among the survivors from the South Bend plane accident that occurred March 17, 2013, although he is far from full recovery after the dreadful crash. As a former firefighter for the state of Oklahoma, Rodgers is not only incapable of returning to work in the near future, but at this point the brain injury has left him unable to walk and his communication is very limited. According to the victim's attorney he may make some recovery, however it is very unlikely that this man will ever be completely independent again.

Although Rodgers was a firefighter at the time of the, incident he was unable to receive health coverage from his employer. He and his son-in-law were traveling for another business when the incident occurred, so the fire department insurance was unwilling to cover these injury costs. The medical bills are quickly adding up for his treatment and recovery, and the family has chosen to pursue a lawsuit claiming negligence on the part of the planes manufacturers. Rodgers' wife is also a survivor from the crash along with their son-in-law and his spouse who are included in the suit.

Tragic Crash Landing

According to the lawsuit, the plane manufacturer is at fault for the deadly accident that killed two and injured many others. The suit claims that the Hawker Beechcraft model 390 had defective parts which caused the crash landing. Sadly, the pilots were unable to successfully land the jet, and it plunged into three homes.

Though the residents of the houses were not killed, the collision took the life of both the pilot and co-pilot of the jet. The homes were completely leveled from the plane and as a result the St. Joseph Superior Court Judge David Chapleau is allowing two of the home owners to join the lawsuit against the manufacturer. At this time the NTSB is investigating the accident in order to determine if the crash was in fact mechanical failure, though the victims from the crash are positive it was

Pursuing Monetary Compensation

Now, months after the incident occurred, the suit continues to grow in size as the victims seek to obtain compensation for the accident. Both Rodgers and his son-in-law are seeking personal injury damages for injuries, pain and suffering, loss of normal life, the ability to earn wages for their family, as well as the extensive medical expenses associated with the accident. Others involved in the crash are seeking compensation through their insurance companies to cover the costs for their homes destruction which is extensive.

Have you been injured in a plane accident?

Sadly, airplane crashes such as this are not unheard of. Even though air travel is known to be one of the safest methods of transportation, it does not come without dangers. Particularly in situations like this, when manufacturing companies were possibly negligent in their development of their parts or in the installation process, it can result in tragic and fatal accidents.

In the event that you or a loved one have been injured or killed in a plane crash, talking to a legal representative is in your best interest to obtain compensation for your injury or loss. By contacting Arnold & Itkin, you can trust that you rights will be fought for to the fullest extent and that our firm will do whatever it takes to help you and your family. Our team has helped countless victims of negligence and wrongful injury and we hope to do the same for you. Please call us today for a free case evaluation to discuss your case and we will determine the best course of action for your unique circumstances.