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Arnold & Itkin LLP File Suit for Injured Truck Driver

An Arnold & Itkin client was on-the-job trying to transfer mud with his truck under the direction of a Nabors' mud engineer at the Nabors Rig F38. Unfortunately, while the truck driver was performing the transfer, the rig exploded. The fire was so intense that the rig melted. The plaintiff suffered severe injuries to his back, legs, and other parts of his body. As a result, he hired Arnold & Itkin to help him seek damages for his injuries in the case. Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Kyle Findley, and another attorney from Arnold & Itkin are all teaming up to work on this case and try to get this plaintiff the maximum amount of compensation that they can manage. The case is currently pending in a Harris County District Court.

Arnold & Itkin Can Help With Your Worker's Compensation Case

If you are a truck driver or an industrial worker who has been harmed while working near an exploding rig, a lawyer at Arnold & Itkin may be able to help you. The attorneys at this firm have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for injured clients that were harmed in a variety of situations. The firm often works with truck drivers, industrial workers, and others who may be harmed while working near a rig. Hire the firm today to start your worker's compensation case.