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Judges Permit Benzene Suit to Continue

A report from The Telegraph claims that property owners still intend to hold the former and current owners of a refinery responsible for hazardous chemical releases that took place at the industrial location. According to reports, the longstanding refinery released carcinogenic chemicals under the village of Roxana. Residents now have the opportunity to seek financial compensation for the damage that the refinery facilitated.

History of the Suit

The suit was filed last year against ConocoPhillips, WRB Refining LP, and Shell. These are all companies that operated or owned the Wood River Refinery at some point or another. The refinery has been a large component of the village of Roxana for years, and has been operating since 1918.

Lawyers say that they are happy that the lawsuit will be able to proceed. They say that this will permit clients and the class to have their day in court. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the village of Roxana has already filed a collective lawsuit against the refinery owners. Most of the residents are primarily concerned with the fact that the chemicals can cause cancer. The lawsuit claims that benzene contamination on some village-owned land measures has high as 2.6 million percent more than the allowable amounts.

Do you have a refinery pollution case?

If you have been harmed by chemicals from a refinery nearby, then you may also have the right to seek compensation. Also, the town of Roxana is seeking a declaration that the refinery will not expend these dangerous chemicals any longer and will monitor production so that the refinery does not exceed necessary levels. If you want more information about Benzene lawsuits like this one, then talk to a personal injury attorney at Arnold & Itkin today!