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Lawsuits Filed After Georgia Plane Crash

In February of this year, a tragic plane crash in McDuffie County, Georgia killed five people including a local physician. Now, the families of four of the crash victims have filed lawsuits against several entities that may be responsible in part of the crash. The defendants in the cases include the owners of the airport, the Airport Authority, McDuffie County, Georgia Power, and the city of Thomason. The lawsuits accuse all of these various groups of negligence that contributed to the avoidable plane crash.

The National Transportation Safety Board inspected this plane crash and discovered that the small private jet hit a 60-foot utility pole and crashed in a flaming wreck. Only two individuals survived the plane crash with devastating injuries. The Associated Press reported that when the plane hit the massive concrete pole it sheared off the left wing and sent the plane spiraling downwards. Leaking fuel caught fire, causing the plane to erupt in a blaze. Pieces of the aircraft were strewn over hundreds of yards.

The plane was about to land at Thomson-McDuffie Regional Airport when the pilot chose to abort the landing. The NTSB was not able to determine why the landing was aborted in the first place. Among the deceased was Dr. Steven Roth, a well-known vascular surgeon at an Augusta clinic. Two of his co-workers, a nurse anesthesiologist, and his secretary were also aboard the plane. There were also two ultrasound technicians on the flight.

The crash is still under investigation, but plaintiffs hope to gain financial settlements after the wrongful death of their loved ones in the crash. If your loved one was harmed or killed in a private plane crash, then you have the right to seek compensation from the responsible parties as well. Talk to a personal injury attorney at Arnold & Itkin LLP today if you want to learn more about plane accident litigation.