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OSHA Imposes Fine Against Companies for Arkansas Crane Accident

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration imposed a $175,000 fine on companies that were involved in the fatal Arkansas Nuclear One crane accident. The companies fined include the crane company, Entergy and other firms involved in the incident. These penalties were announced Friday.

About the Arkansas Nuclear One Accident

The Arkansas Nuclear One accident resulted in the death of a 24-year-old worker last March. The individual was killed when a crane suddenly collapsed on top of him. Another eight workers were also injured in the tragic accident. While the crane incident wasn't intentional, it was the result of much neglect. OSHA discovered at least 26 alleged violations against Precision Surveillance Corp, Bigge Crane and Rigging Company, and Siemens Power Generation Inc. They also discovered violations by Entergy Operations Inc.

The tragedy could have been prevented if the employers at the site had made sure that there were safeguards in place with the crane and had made sure to protect workers by warning them and training them to avoid potential hazards. They accident may also have been avoided if the entities provided proper planning. The mother of the man who was killed at the Arkansas Nuclear One site has already filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the companies that are partially responsible for the incident.