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New Hire Training Essential to Preventing Industrial Deaths

With the continuing expansion in industrial fields, such as manufacturing, construction, mining, and especially the oil and gas industry, many companies are eager to hire new faces. The opportunity for well-paid positions with a promising future for the industry has also appealed to thousands of workers who have flocked to growing sites, such as the Bakken Shale area.

However, this growth across a number of fields has carried an increased number of workplace fatalities. One factor cited as contributing to this unfortunate effect is the need for more stringent training for new hires. Workers fresh out of vocational school, programs, and other courses lack the valuable hands-on experience that can help keep more seasoned workers from being injured. Some companies may be too eager to put new workers into the field, neglecting to provide them with adequate training to keep them safe.

Training is a crucial tool to keep new workers safe. OSHA frequently cites safety and health training as one of the most effective ways to prevent both injuries and fatalities in the workplace.

Tips for Providing Adequate and Effective Training Include:

  • Ensure that only authorized and trained workers perform any job
  • Hold emergency drills to test preparedness
  • Place particular emphasis on training in new operations
  • Train supervisors and managers so they can provide support and emergency help
  • Provide all employees with training on emergency procedures
  • Give new trainees feedback, to ensure that mistakes are corrected early
  • Inform workers of methods to report unsafe practices

New workers are often bombarded with an overwhelming amount of information when starting a new job or position. It is important to ensure that safety procedures are not overlooked in favor of productivity. Especially for new workers, forming safe habits, such as daily inspections of equipment, will help to establish a long-term implementation and respect for safe practices.

If you believe that inadequate training for new employees has contributed to an injury or created an unsafe working environment, an attorney may be able to help you. Whether you work at a construction site or in an oilfield, safety is of paramount importance, and the attorneys of Arnold & Itkin can offer you guidance in assuring that it is being enforced. Contact our industrial injury attorneys today for a free consultation.