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Study Reveals When Children Are Most Likely to be Hit by a Car

Researchers from New York City’s Jacobi Medical Center released a study showing the time of day and months of the year that child pedestrians are most likely to be hit by a car. By looking at the medical records of 100 school aged children who were hit by a car in 2012, the researchers determined that the two most likely times of the day for a child to be hit is in the evening or shortly after leaving school. The study also found that children were more likely to be hit by a car in the spring months. The most common injuries suffered were thigh bruises and ankle and shin fractures.

Ways to Prevent Children from Being Hit By Cars

Most accidents that involve children being hit by a car are completely preventable. It is up to the motorists on the road and the children to practice safe driving and walking habits in order to avoid these types of accidents.

Avoid Distractions

The most common cause of these accidents is distractions. This applies to the driver of the car and the child alike. Distracted driving is unfortunately all too common. Whether it a driver is texting, entering an address into GPS, or any other number of things that take their attention off of the road, the results can be tragic.

Child pedestrians can be guilty of distractions too. Many children nowadays have smart phones that allow them to play games, search the Internet, or watch videos. Children must be responsible enough to put the phone down while they are walking through high traffic areas.

Safety Officers During School Dismissal

Since many children are hit while leaving school, it is important for schools to have safety officers on nearby street and crosswalks to help control the flow of traffic and ensure that students are crossing the street safely and at designated crosswalks.

Liability for Car Accidents with Pedestrians

Determining liability for an accident when a pedestrian is struck by a car is based on the individual facts of each accident. Generally if a police officer is called to the scene, the officer will interview any eye witnesses to determine who was at fault. If your child was struck by a vehicle, you should consult with a personal injury attorney. If it is found that the driver of the vehicle was wholly or partially responsible for causing the accident, you could be entitled to compensation for medical bills and other damages. Contact the injury attorneys at Arnold & Itkin for a free consultation.