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Arnold & Itkin Settles Injured Land Rig Worker Case for $3.9 Million

After a Louisiana rig worker suffered substantial injuries, he came to Arnold & Itkin for counsel. Attorneys Kurt Arnold and Noah Wexler took on the case, negotiating an impressive settlement of $3.9 million.

The land rig worker sustained serious injuries to his neck and shoulders while on the job. The team at Arnold & Itkin was able to demonstrate that his injuries were due to the defendants’ failure to make sure the area was clear before letting off pressure from the rig hoses. Though the defendants attempted to deny their liability in the incident and point the fault entirely at the plaintiff, Attorney Kurt and Attorney Noah took 10 depositions, ultimately pushing the case to trial. Thanks to their legal skill, the defendants raised their settlement offer to $3.9 million in compensation just before the jury was selected.