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Houston Worker Injured in Scaffolding Collapse Near Greenway Plaza

Early this morning a Houston worker suffered injuries after falling from scaffolding at a construction site located just east of Greenway Plaza. The worker fell when the scaffolding collapsed, causing three other workers to be stranded until rescue efforts began shortly after 10:00 a.m.

The injured worker was immediately taken to the hospital. His condition is still unknown at this time. The other construction workers were carefully secured in a boom lift while waiting for firefighters to arrive.

Fallen Swing Stage Causes Damage at Site

Arial views revealed that part of the scaffolding, known as a swing stage, had crashed to the ground several floors below the elevated workers. An SUV on the street level had been partially crushed due to the fallen piece of scaffolding, demonstrating the serious destruction it was capable of causing.

Scaffolding Danger in the Construction Industry

In the construction industry, scaffolds are known to be some of the most dangerous workstations. According to OSHA, there were 602 deaths in a three-year period due falls at a construction site. Many of these fall take place from scaffolding. Of the workers who were injured in a scaffolding accidents, 72% were due to either the support giving away or a slip and fall occurring on the scaffold.

When these scaffold hazards are present, it can increase the risk of an accident:

  • Lack of guardrails on the scaffolding
  • Defective or damaged planks
  • Poor cross bracing for the scaffolding
  • Unsafe access for workers
  • Lack of training on scaffolding safety

If the proper safety measures aren’t taken to protect workers using scaffolds, it could lead to serious accidents, injuries, and even fatalities in some cases. That is why it is so crucial that every construction site remain compliant with OSHA requirements and fully train their employees on how to maintain scaffolding safety.