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Arnold & Itkin Recognized in America's Elite Trial Lawyers List

The National Law Journal recently released their second annual America’s Elite Trial Lawyers list, which honors 50 law firms who accomplished the largest awards for their clients in 2015. We are pleased to announce that Arnold & Itkin LLP was among the firms selected for that list.

To be selected for this prestigious list, a firm must meet the following qualifications:

  • Win more than $40 million in awards from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015; or
  • Win 4 or more cases that totaled more than $15 million during that same period.

According to ALM, “honorees were derived from hours of research, analysis, and nomination vetting.” In total, according to ALM’s VerdictSearch, this year’s honorees recovered more than $35 billion on behalf of their clients. We are honored to be recognized as one of the nation’s most accomplished firms.

Arnold & Itkin: Committed to Our Clients

At our firm, we help our clients. In the last 5 years, we have won more than $1 billion in verdicts and settlements, including cases that set both state and national records. Being selected for America’s Elite Trial Lawyers list is a testament to the hard work, creativity, and dedication of our team.

Just a few examples of our firm’s victories in the last few months:

  • $44 Million – Our firm helped represent a construction worker whose leg was amputated in a crane accident in Houston, TX. Our client was struck by a piece of equipment after a crane collapse and was pinned to the ground. First responders needed a second crane to remove the equipment. Our client was then taken to a local hospital where his left leg was amputated above the knee. The defendants refused to many any offer until the day before the trial—but, even then, it wasn’t what would take care of our client. Attorney Kurt Arnold presented all of the evidence to the jury to show that safety practices had been violated repeatedly in order to complete the job as quickly and for as cheaply as possible. In the end, the jury determined that the defendant was at fault and awarded $44 million.

  • $2.8 Million & 1.7 Million – Within a two hour span on August 27, Arnold & Itkin won two verdicts against W&T Offshore. In the first case, Wesley Fredieu v. W&T Offshore, we represented a worker whose left arm was broken in two places after a fuel gas header exploded. Liability was contested for two years; however, the VP of Production admitted under cross-examination that the company had no excuse for not making the fuel gas header safer. The jury deliberated for less than three hours before finding W&T Offshore 100% liable and awarding $1.7 million in damages to our client. In the second case, Luke Meyers v. W&T Offshore, our client’s foot was crushed after crane equipment fell more than 70 feet to strike him. It took two weeks to try the case, but the jury deliberated for less than two hours before finding the company 100% at fault and awarding $2.8 million in damages.

Cases like this are indicative of our firm’s full commitment to the success of our clients. While such victories have led to honors like being selected for America’s Elite Trial Lawyers list, what truly makes our firm proud is knowing that they have helped our clients move on with their lives with the compensation that they truly need.

If you would like to read more about our victories, we encourage you to click here.