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Fisherman Sues Nat Geo TV For Amputated Fingers

Our firm is fighting for a local fisherman, oil rig worker, and father to three children. He works for shrimping and commercial fishing boats, and even helps film Nat Geo’s show, “Big Fish, Texas” in the Gulf of Mexico.

Or rather, he did.

On a recent shoot, he was filming for an episode where they were hauling in dozens of enormous fish. Two days into the shoot, however, his hands began to burn and blister. He requested a ride to shore and transportation to a hospital by helicopter within a few hours.

Instead, he was forced to wait in pain for days on the boat while his hands succumbed to infection. He was finally taken to shore by a boat—significantly slower than a helicopter—where a camera crew was waiting for him. It was then that he realized that his injury was being dramatized for the show.

By the time our client was at a hospital, he was experiencing organ failure. Over the course of six surgeries, he lost three of his fingers—his index and middle finger from his right hand, and his ring finger on his left.

The loss of his hand function is more than a physical injury. While speaking to a reporter from KHOU, he said, “I can’t work and I want to work. That’s probably the hardest part about this now—I can’t support my family.” Now, he’s suing Nat Geo TV and Katie’s Seafood Market—the fishing company he was working for at the time.

Arnold & Itkin is proud to represent our client, who was subjected to intense pain and injury for days so that the producers could create a more “dramatic” situation. We believe that his injuries have not only damaged his ability to work and provide for his family, but has damaged his ability to live his life or play with his kids.

Being a fisherman is already among the nation’s most dangerous occupations. It did not need to be dramatized further. It certainly did not need to put our client in unnecessary pain and danger, and we will be pursuing maximum compensation on his behalf against Nat Geo and other involved parties.

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