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Pregnancy and Seatbelts: Buckling Up Still the Best Option

It is no surprise that pregnant women will do whatever they can to protect the growing baby in their womb. Often, this means that expecting mothers will not wear a seatbelt or sit in front of an airbag because they fear putting too much pressure on the stomach or placing their baby’s life at risk. However, recent studies have shown that this fear may be unfounded. These studies showed that when a pregnant mother is in a car accident, the baby is much more likely to survive when the mother is restrained by a seatbelt or airbag.

The Connection Between Pregnancy Savers & Safety Restraints

Numerous studies have shown the connection between pregnancy savers and wearing the necessary restraints when traveling. Why is this? What about the pressures that are placed on the uterus?

Kathleen DeSantis Klinich, a researcher from the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute claims that in order to save a baby, the mother herself must be kept from harm. It is for this very reason that a mother needs to wear the necessary restraints that protect any person from an accident—namely, a seatbelt.

Education on the Importance of Seatbelts

It really comes down to education on how to use such restraints properly.

Despite the countless statistics of injuries and fatalities (and loss of unborn children) in car accidents, many woman are still choosing to not wear seatbelts when traveling. According to research and trauma registries at Duke University, between 1994 and 2010, there were 126 different cases of pregnant woman who were in either the second or third trimester of their pregnancy when involved in a car accident. Only 86 of these women were wearing seatbelts; of this group, there were only 3 unborn babies who died (3.5% of the group). However, there were 12 mothers who were not wearing their seat belt; in this group, 3 babies also died (25%).

According to Dr. Haywood Brown, the chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Duke University Medical Center, and senior author of this study: the more restraints mothers wear, the greater chance of the fetus' survival when involved in a car accident. For pregnant mothers, wearing a seatbelt is just as important if you were not carrying a baby. The more your body is protected in the event of an accident, the more likely your baby will be as well.

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