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Super Bowl 50: "Fans Don't Let Fans Drive Drunk"

Texas and football have a long history. You might even say they go together much like game night and an ice cold beer. Unfortunately, alcohol and DWI accidents are also fast friends. Texas is no stranger to the dangers of drunk driving, and the statistics correlating football and alcohol-impaired crashes are sobering. With the Super Bowl just around the corner, the Houston drunk driving accident lawyers at Arnold & Itkin want to remind you to enjoy the game responsibly and safely.

Super Bowl Statistics

Super Bowl Sunday is no game when it comes to alcohol induced traffic fatalities. Of all the traffic fatalities on Super Bowl Sunday and early Monday morning in 2012, 43% were caused by drunk driving. To put that in perspective, for the entire rest of the year, drunk-driving fatalities averaged in at 31%. That is a serious jump for just one event, and the reason behind the NHTSA’s “Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk” campaign.

“Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk”

The NHTSA’s campaign for Super Bowl 50 encourages football fans to be active players in preventing accidents during and after the game, rather than passive participants in the festivities surrounding it. The team mentality presented to party-goers is a key component in the campaign’s success. Businesses and public areas hosting Super Bowl parties are jumping to accommodate this mentality by even offering freebies, such as non-alcoholic drinks, to those who are designated drivers for their group.

Designated drivers may also get their names on the NHTSA’s wall of fame if they tweet their name in during the Super Bowl. The campaign looks to incentivize designated drivers to participate responsibly and to encourage non-designated drivers to be responsible and look out for one another. The more people on board and the higher the accountability, the less drunk driving accidents will occur.

Game Strategies to Prevent a DWI

Don’t be a statistic. There are many preventative measures you can take to ensure that you have an enjoyable, accident-free Super Bowl Sunday.

We have compiled a list of these measures for your benefit below:

  • Have a transportation plan. Designate a driver, plan to call a cab, or use your community’s sober ride program to ensure your safe trip home.
  • Slow it down. Enjoy your drinks slowly and make sure you eat enough food during the game.
  • Watch out. Keep an eye on any friends who are about to drive when they have had too much to drink.
  • Buckle up. Drunk drivers may be out on the roads, and a seatbelt can make all the difference.

Hosting the Party? You’re Not Off the Hook.

For those of you hosting your own Super Bowl Party, make sure you do your part by hosting responsibly! It’s possibly for you to be held liable if someone you served is involved in a drunk driving accident.

Here are some tips to keep your party fun and safe:

  • Keep the rides simple. Arrange alternate transportation or facilitate an online forum where guests can coordinate rides home after the game.
  • Offer a diverse menu. Serve lots of food and offer non-alcoholic drinks at the party. Consider transitioning to coffee and dessert at the end of the third quarter.
  • Be an enforcer. Compile a list of phone numbers for local cab companies and don’t be afraid to take keys away from anyone who has had too much to drink.

Accidents Happen. Call Arnold & Itkin for Help

It is estimated that one in every three people in the United States will be involved in an alcohol-related driving accident at some point. In 2009, drunk driving was the leading cause of death in the state of Texas. In the face of those statistics, it will take more than just a campaign to combat the consequences of drunk driving. In the meantime, our team of Houston drunk driving accident attorneys at Arnold & Itkin are prepared to help you assess damages and pursue compensation deserved.