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Injury Accidents: Do I Need a Lawyer?

When does an accident warrant legal representation? While it makes sense for those involved in huge disasters to need the representation of skilled lawyers, it can be difficult to determine if a lawyer would truly help you in a “small” accident situation. At Arnold & Itkin, we believe that every person is entitled to fair compensation for any damages caused by another's negligent actions. Whether you’re the victim of an explosion or dealing with the aftermath of a car accident, our attorneys can ensure that you and your loved ones are cared for.

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What Does a Lawyer Do?

A lawyer will essentially represent your rights throughout case proceedings and make sure that you are fairly compensated for any damages or losses you experienced as the result of an accident. Having an accident or personal injury lawyer alleviates the stress of trying to pursue action on your own.

A lawyer can help you pursue compensation for the following:

  • Medical Treatment: This includes past treatment you’ve received for your injuries resulting from the accident and an estimate for future treatments you will need due to your injuries.
  • Income: This involves any income you have lost due to your injury and any future income lost due to your injury—also called “loss of earning capacity.”
  • Property Loss: Be it clothing, vehicles, or other items lost in the accident, you may be entitled to compensation towards repairs or replacement.
  • Pain & Suffering: You may be eligible for compensation due to any serious pain or discomfort suffered during the accident and in its aftermath.
  • Emotional Distress: If you were involved in a serious accident, you may be eligible to be compensated for the psychological impact of the injury, including anxiety, fear and loss of sleep.
  • Loss of Enjoyment: Many times, victims’ injuries keep them from pursuing daily activities or hobbies. This may be cause for compensation.
  • Loss of Consortium: If the victim’s injuries significantly impact their relationship with their spouse, the spouse may be eligible for certain monetary damages.

It will be far more difficult, if not impossible, to get the compensation you need and deserve without the help of a skilled lawyer—especially in cases involving serious injuries, disabling injuries, medical malpractice, toxic exposure, and problems with the insurance company.

Capably Handling All Kinds of Accidents

Many accidents, big and small, are caused by the negligence of another. In these cases, it is important to hold the guilty parties responsible for their actions, especially large companies who impact the lives of a lot of people. Houston personal injury attorneys at Arnold & Itkin are dedicated to representing the rights of victims.

At Arnold & Itkin, our team of seasoned trial and accident lawyers have tackled some of those most catastrophic injury cases imaginable—and we are ready to take on your case next.

Get a Free Consultation With a Houston Injury Lawyer

After your accident, a lawyer will best be able to tell you whether you should pursue legal action. At Arnold & Itkin, we believe in a person's right to file injury claims and seek compensation. We understand that the time after an accident can be overwhelming, stressful, and leave victims unsure of what to do next.

A Houston personal injury attorney from our firm can meet with you to discuss the circumstances of your case. We assess your situation and determine how to best proceed. In or out of the courtroom, we are ready to help and will do our best to ensure that your health and wellbeing are the priority of the case.

To learn more about whether or not you need legal representation after your accident, contact a Houston personal injury lawyer from our firm today.