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Case Filed Against Negligent Apartment Complex

Apartment complexes are responsible for making sure their tenants are safe and healthy while on their property. Foundational premises liability law asserts that property owners need to make sure that residents are as safe as possible, and need to make repairs that keep them safe long-term.

When they fail to do so, people get hurt—and property managers are liable for the harm they cause.

Our newest client filed repeated requests for ceiling repairs. The complex ignored her requests every time, but as a result of poor management, the ceiling eventually collapsed onto our client. She suffered severe injuries, requiring ambulance transport to the ER. Our firm has two goals: demonstrate the negligence and lack of care shown by the property managers, and get our client the justice and compensation she deserves.

Just as importantly, our firm hopes to make life safer for other tenants at her apartment complex.

This case was filed in Harris County, Texas.