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Houston Residents Affected by TWIA Insurance Carrier

Homes across Texas are sporting blue tarps that lay across broken and mangled rooves. The tarps are not a new fad for Houston homeowners, but rather an image of Texas residents who are running out of options. Ever since Harvey struck Texas, affected communities have been waiting for their insurance carriers to payout their claims. While these residents have waited patiently thus far, the unfulfilled promises by insurance companies have instilled doubt and uncertainty among homeowners.

Click2Houston recently reported on this growing concern.

According to one interviewed homeowner, he is now on the second adjuster for his TWIA claim. He says that the adjusters have done a pretty good job of telling him that things will get done soon, but he feels that the reality of the situation is bleak.

Another homeowner had been cut a check just before Thanksgiving; however, this money came after he went through three adjusters for his claim. He said, “We have people all over town that have nightmare stories and, we were one of those until we got our third adjuster.”

While this family has now been taken care of, what if that third adjuster had been like the first two?

This is the question that 43% of TWIA Harvey-related claimants are waiting to get answered.

TWIA Harvey Claims

At this point in time, TWIA has stated that they have paid $863 million on 57% of Harvey-related claims. While $863 million may seem like a lot, TWIA has said that as of December 5, they have $1 billion in cash on hand and an extra $3.9 billion available to help pay the 73,000 outstanding Harvey-related claims. TWIA has also gone on record as saying that their goal is to pay every dollar owed on a claim under the terms and conditions of the policy. This should leave homeowners to wonder how their claim has yet to be resolved. If after 100 days, the insurance company has money “on hand,” one would wonder what the holdup is for 43% of claimants that have yet to be paid. Money is available, TWIA has stated that the money is for claims, so how can there still be outstanding claims from Hurricane Ike?

Legal Help Might be the Only Option for TWIA Insurance Holders

Hurricane Ike TWIA claims have been ongoing for nearly a decade.

The only reason these claims have lasted so long is because TWIA has pushed the payment process back again and again. If they (and other insurance companies) have outstanding claims from years ago, what makes residents think that they are the next on the list?

Our Hurricane Harvey insurance claim lawyers can not only assist you in getting to the top of the list, but we can fight to see that are fairly compensation for your claim. The speed of your recovery is just as important as its potency. $10,000 today is practically useless when your recovery should be $40,000. With our legal help, you can work toward getting the correct amount for your claim—and getting it fast. Insurance companies are not interested in ignoring our firm because they know who we are and they know we get justice.

If you want justice now, contact Arnold & Itkin with the details of your claim.