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Case Filed for Construction Worker Crushed by Pipe

Our most recent case was filed on behalf of a man who suffered due to poor manufacturing of construction equipment.

Construction is a dangerous line of work. Falling from heights, getting hit by falling objects, being crushed between two objects, suffering electrocution—these are only a few of the most common dangers a construction worker faces on a daily basis. That’s why organizations like OSHA fight to ensure companies and manufacturers are keeping workers as safe as possible.

Unfortunately, not every manufacturer ensures that their products are safe to use.

Our client was operating a crane when it suddenly failed. As a result, a massive pipe slammed into the worker’s body—causing a chest laceration, multiple broken ribs, and other injuries. Our firm believes that the crane manufacturer should be held responsible for our client’s considerable pain and suffering. That’s exactly what we aim to prove in court.

Arnold & Itkin is proud to represent our client and help him get the medical care he deserves while helping him get justice. More importantly, we hope to ensure that this never happens to any worker ever again—either by publicizing the danger posed by this crane, or by forcing the manufacturers to produce a safer product. In either case, we look forward to holding them accountable.