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Our Firm Has Recovered $72 Million for an Injured Worker

Arnold & Itkin is thrilled and proud to announce that we have won a massive $72 million recovery for our client—a man who lost his arm and suffered severe injuries in an oilfield accident. Despite the enormity of the case and the complexity of litigation, we were able to resolve the case in less than two years. Our opponents chose to settle with us only one week before trial was scheduled to begin. Our negotiations ended with a settlement amount that is believed to be a record-setting result.

Thanks to the work of Jason Itkin, Cory Itkin, and Kurt Arnold, our client will enjoy lifelong security and high-quality medical care for as long as he needs it. Also, his wrongdoers have changed their policies to ensure no one else suffers the same tragedy our client did.

The Importance of Cases Like This One

When someone loses their ability to move, see, or speak due to an injury, his or her life is changed forever. There’s no way to heal from a lost limb, a severed spinal cord, or a loss of sight. All a person can do is seek the best possible medical and therapeutic care to rehabilitate the rest of their body. For the rest of their lives, the catastrophically injured have to learn how to live with what they’re left with.

While there is financial consolation, there is also consolation in ensuring that what happened to you never happens to anyone else. There is justice in making sure that whoever injured you is forced to change their ways in response to your pain.

Cases like this one are an illustration of why personal injury law is vital for everyday people. Thanks to this victory and others like it, companies are compelled to create safe, healthy work environments. We hope that for each person who receives a massive settlement for their life-changing injuries, there are hundreds more who will never have to experience the same pain or suffering.