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Wrongful Death Suit Filed Against Popular Cruise Line

As injury lawyers, Arnold & Itkin attorneys are privy to hearing truly heinous acts of negligence and carelessness. However, it never ceases to shock and infuriate us when we hear about companies brazenly causing the harm of the people who depend on them for help. Our newest case is a wrongful death lawsuit filed against a popular cruise line for a family who lost their loved one while on vacation.

Our client’s loved one suffered a violent impact into fixed furnishings aboard the luxury ship in Mexico during a sudden shake of the vessel. However, instead of evacuating the man and his family to the United States where he could be treated, the company had the man remain aboard the ship until they returned to port in New Orleans…3 days later.

Our firm believes that this delay contributed to his death. He succumbed to complications from his injuries shortly after arriving in the U.S. Thanks to the company’s thoughtlessness, the man’s wife and children are left grieving his loss and wrestling with the memory of his suffering aboard the ship. Needless to say, our firm is eager to bring this case to a fast and decisive resolution. We aim to hold this cruise line company fully responsible for their callous disregard for our client’s well-being. The completely preventable death of our client’s loved one demands justice, and we will fight with the full extent of our vast resources to get justice.

The case was filed in the United District Court of the Middle District of Florida by Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Kyle Findley, Kala Sellers, and Adam Lewis. We are honored to be representing this case, and we look forward to providing for our client’s financial and emotional needs.