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2017 Could Be a Great Year for Plaintiffs Against J&J

Bloomberg recently reported on Johnson & Johnson’s recent court losses, specifically their six largest verdicts—all of which were lawsuits for people severely harmed by the corporate giant’s products. More importantly, however, Bloomberg reported that this is far from over for people holding Johnson & Johnson accountable. 2017 is shaping up to be a year of increased conflict and trials.

The multifaceted company is facing 17 different trials for 5 of their products this year, including talcum powder, faulty hip implants, vaginal mesh implants, Xarelto, and Risperdal. The report notes that facing lawsuits is routine for Johnson & Johnson and other pharmaceutical companies—they’re staring down 100,000+ pending claims as of this blog’s writing.

What’s unusual is how many of those verdicts have favored plaintiffs.

2016 included some of the most staggering victories for plaintiffs against J&J:

  • $72M, $70M, and $55M for talcum powder and ovarian cancer cases
  • $1B and $502M for faulty hip implant cases (reduced later by judges)
  • $11M for a faulty transvaginal mesh (which was upheld on appeal)
  • $70M in a Risperdal case (the largest verdict for this medication by 2,000%)

Here’s the Incredible Part:

Johnson & Johnson isn’t afraid of massive payouts—Bloomberg reports that the company has $42 billion in cash on hand. Some experts believe these individual cases are far from affecting the company’s stock rating, much less their bottom line.

No, what they’re afraid of now is you.

These cases have proven that Johnson & Johnson—and companies like them—aren’t invincible. They’re not untouchable. They’re as accountable to the law as any of us, as much as they would like to challenge that fact. What they fear is their court losses will encourage other plaintiffs to make their voices heard—which is exactly what our firm hopes will happen.

You’ve heard Arnold & Itkin say it again and again: people deserve to have their day in court. They deserve to take on the world’s largest corporations and make companies pay for their mistakes. We’re thrilled to part of a movement to give people their voice back.