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FEMA Praised in NorCal While Insurers Delay Recovery

The process for filing insurance claims has proven problematic for Northern California insurance holders. People are filing their claims to have them rejected for some minute mistake that carries no weight on the actual outcome of their claim. Other claims have been disputed for having incorrect recovery amounts based on the physical evidence provided by the insured. However, one category of claim holders is in the most frustrating position of them all: the waiting game.

There is nothing worse than turning in all the necessary paperwork only to not hear back about a claim. Many insurance companies have been taking an unprecedented amount of time in caring for “cut and dry” insurance claims. For example, one man was reported as having a straightforward case that should require minimal effort on behalf of the insurance company. His winery and vineyards were calculated to be 100% destroyed—nothing on his property survived the flames. His insurance company promised to immediately send a check for 25% of the damages, but after a month of waiting, he has yet to see a dime.

While insurance companies are sitting on their hands, FEMA, EPA, and the Army Corp of Engineers have used theirs to help NorCal citizens rebuild. FEMA and the Army Corp have come to homes to clean up the hazardous debris left in the wake of the NorCal blazes. This service has already helped thousands of Californians begin their road to recovery; however, this service is supposed to be paid for by insurance companies. When people have to pay for this removal service out of their own pockets, it can cause the insured to be in precarious financial situations with few choices for rectificaton.

The Truth About Insurance Companies

Arnold & Itkin has dealt with enough insurance companies to know that this behavior is more than likely a ploy. Insurance companies make promises for their policy holders, saying that they will “immediately” cut a check for X amount of the damages. In reality, the insurance company has no plans to pay. They make a promise and then deny to fulfill it until people are begging for insurance money to take care of their recovery bills. This is because they have you right where they want you.

At this point, insurance companies will give you a “sweet deal” where you will get 50% of your total claim immediately but you have to sign a contract relinquishing your right to your full claim. This seems like a godsend for you because you get the money right away—but, in reality, an insurance company’s job is to give you the full amount of your claim in a timely manner.

What Are My Options If My Insurance Is Trying to Do This to Me?

In reality you have three options. You can either accept this poor excuse of an insurance claim payout. You can refuse to accept this claim (and expect a new one in two weeks that gives you 55% of your total claim). Or you can get fight for the full relief you deserve. Our attorneys at Arnold & Itkin LLP have dealt with thousands of insurance claims all across the Unites States. We can get you the relief that you need because we beat the insurance companies at their own games.

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