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Napa & Sonoma Valleys Total 5,821 Homes Damaged by Fire

The tally of buildings affected by the Northern California wildfires continues to rise a month after initial reports. There are a reported 680 Napa Valley homes that were damaged or destroyed in the Northern California blaze. In Sonoma County, that number is almost 9 times worse as there are now 5,141 homes that have been damaged or destroyed from the Northern California wildfires. When added to the number of outbuildings and commercial structures damaged or destroyed by the fires, the total sum of damaged buildings is 7,852. This figure is suspected to increase due to a number of secluded cabins in areas that have yet to be accounted for.

What Is the Procedure for Cleaning Properties?

On November 15, Napa County’s Planning, Building, & Environmental Services updated the Board of Supervisors on the cleanup effort so far. At this point in time, Napa valley residents have two options for cleaning up their residences. A homeowner can either: clean up the property through their own means or request that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers do the job for them. Currently, the county has received 431 requests by resident owners asking that the Army Corps Engineers clean their home. This means that 68% of red-tagged homes in Napa Valley will be taken care of by the U.S. Army Engineers. There are also 64 families who have said that they would clean up their own red-tagged residence, meaning that 10% of the cleanup effort should be taken care of by resident owners. This results in 22% of Napa homeowners left, ambiguous with their decision on how they will clean up their homes.

If homeowners choose to clean up the remains of their home on their own, they must do so by January 15. If this deadline is not met, homeowners are subject to a court hearing, where the county will seek the authority to clean a home on the owner’s behalf. This will result in a cleaned residential site, but the resident owner will have to pay for the cleaning. The cut-off date may change depending on the winter weather, so homeowners choosing to clean on their own should continue to check on the cleaning period. The U.S Army Corps of Engineers are not liable to a cut-off date, therefore homes may not be cleaned by the corps before January 15.

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