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Lawsuit Filed for Victim of Defective Guardrail Terminal

Arnold & Itkin recently filed suit on behalf of a young man who was injured by a defective guardrail that was improperly installed. As a result, the young man’s life has forever changed as he now struggles to learn how to walk again—something he may never do again.

Guardrail terminals are designed to soften head-on collisions with the guardrail itself. They serve as enormous "cushions" that safely absorb the impact of a high-speed vehicle. The force of the impact is then transferred to the rail, making the occupants of the car safer.

Reports of Dangerous Guardrails

However, guardrail terminals from certain companies have come under fire for making the roads more dangerous. Some guardrail terminals purportedly "clog" up the guardrail feed hole (which is what makes the guardrail crumple and fold). When it does this, it turns the guardrail into a spear. Some guardrails have ended up impaling cars rather than stopping them.

The people of each state pay their taxes to have safe roads—when manufacturers take a state's money, they need to deliver what was promised: a safe product. By failing to safely handle the impact of a car crash, guardrail terminals fail to do the one thing they are designed to. Arnold & Itkin looks forward to fighting for this client to see that he and others no longer have to face these deadly guardrails.

The case was filed in Los Angeles, California.