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Southwest Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Engine Explodes Mid-Flight

Today, at approximately 11:27 AM ET, a Southwest plane performed an emergency landing at the Philadelphia International Airport—just 12 minutes after an emergency was declared midair. Southwest Flight 1380 was traveling from the LaGuardia International Airport in New York City to Love Field in Dallas. According to one passenger, there was a “huge explosion and glass shattering three rows ahead of me.”.

Passengers described the scene as “momentary chaos.” After the initial blast, one window broken, ash began to fall through the ventilation system, and the plane dropped. One report showed the plane at 32,500 feet at the time of the incident; the plane then fell 3,000 feet per minute before leveling out at 10,000 feet. “Some of the crew couldn’t hold back their horror,” said one passenger, “and some were crying as they looked out through the open window onto the engine.”

12 minutes later, the plane landed in Philadelphia. Photos have been posted online showing a blown out window and the remains of an engine under one of the wings. According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the crew reported damage to the body of the plane, the engine, and the window. Per the Philadelphia Fire Commissioner, there was a small engine fire and a fuel leak.

Seven people suffered minor injuries and were treated at the scene of the accident.

The National Transportation Safety Board has stated that one passenger died after the incident. She was partially sucked out of the plane when the window imploded before being pulled back in by other passengers.