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San Marcos Apartment Fire Lawyers Add 4 Plaintiffs to the Case

Our San Marcos apartment fire attorneys have added four more plaintiffs to our case, warranting continued investigation of Iconic Village Apartments and the management company responsible for the safety of the building. The first plaintiff to call on us was the father of a 23-year-old young man who died in the fire. Now, our apartment fire lawyers also represent a young couple who escaped the fire by jumping from a second-story window, causing one of them to fracture his ankle and shatter his foot.

The foundation of our case remains the same—the apartment management company was obligated to provide a working fire alarm system and fire suppressant system for their occupants but failed to do so. As a result, when a fire ignited after 4:00 AM on July 20, no one knew it until it was too late to safely escape. Five people were killed in the blaze, and several more were injured, many of them critically so.

"The owners of the Iconic Village apartments failed to do the bare minimum to keep their tenants safe," said Attorney Kurt Arnold. "They had several past problems with maintenance concerning fire prevention devices, there were no sprinklers or fire suppression systems, and the fire alarms never went off. The survivors had no warning and little time to escape, while others tragically perished in the flames. We are committed to finding the truth behind this disaster, and we’ll be sending a message to make sure this kind of senseless, preventable tragedy doesn’t happen again."

Another of our plaintiffs noted that she may not have survived the night had she not been sleeping in the living room by chance. Her family was arriving that day, and they were only 30 minutes away when she awoke to the sounds of loud knocking and screaming. "If I hadn't slept in the living room I might have woken up too late." She said she does not remember even having time to get her shoes—she grabbed her dog and immediately fled.

Read more about their stories here:

Premises Liability 101: People's Safety Matters

Every business, from the grocery store to the local pizza place, abides by the rule of premises liability: if you want people on your property, you must—within reason—take responsibility for their safety. As an apartment complex, the obligation to create safe premises takes on a deeper complexion. When someone is responsible for people's homes, for the places where occupants ought to feel safest, management must make every arrangement for their well-being.

That's why it makes little sense that a company would not invest in basic fire alarm and fire suppressant systems.

The companies responsible for Iconic Village Apartments had a moral and legal obligation to keep their occupants safe, and they failed. Now, the only way to make sure it doesn't happen again is to shine a light on their practices, to reveal the policies that led to the death of 5 and the endangerment of many others. Our firm is proud to stand with the people holding the apartment complex and its managers responsible for the role they played in unjustly ending 5 lives.

If you were unjustly hurt or endangered by the San Marcos apartment fire, speak with our team. All occupants may have a claim, regardless of whether they were residents. Call (888) 493-1629 or contact us online to learn your options for free.


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