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Case Filed for Woman Injured by Roadside Assistance Vehicle

Arnold & Itkin’s commercial vehicle accident attorneys recently filed a case on behalf of a young woman who was involved in a motor vehicle collision with a roadside assistance vehicle. The accident occurred when the commercial vehicle unlawfully crossed over a median and collided with our client’s car. The crash caused our client to sustain injuries to her neck, back, and other parts of her body.

Drivers of roadside assistance trucks have a responsibility to operate their vehicles safely, and their employers also must ensure that they are adequately trained, not working long shifts, and given a manageable workload. Arnold & Itkin is proud to represent this young woman and seek the justice that she deserves. No one should be forced to suffer financially because of the reckless actions of others, and we will fight for the compensation that our client needs to reach the best recovery possible. The case was filed in Harris County, Texas.