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Case Filed on Behalf of Family Who Lost Child in Drowning Accident

Arnold & Itkin’s premises liability attorneys recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of a family who experienced tragedy at their apartment complex’s swimming pool. A member of their family, who was a young child, drowned because of the negligent actions of the defendant. Our attorneys filed the case against the owner of the apartment complex and the management company. We believe that both parties failed to take the proper actions to protect the child as required by law, causing the drowning accident.

Texas law requires that building owners take steps to ensure that every person on their property is safe. When a young child dies because of an improperly maintained pool area, the building’s owners and management have failed to fulfill their obligation to protect others. Arnold & Itkin will fight for justice for this family and hope that it brings them closer to the closure they deserve.

The case was filed in Harris County, Texas.