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Do I Need a Lawyer If the Car Accident Wasn’t My Fault?

If a car accident was not your fault, you might be assuming that you do not need the help of an attorney during the claims process. Many people believe they do not need an attorney if the other party has admitted fault. However, the nature of the insurance business means that it is wise to call an experienced car accident lawyer, regardless of fault.

Insurance Companies: Profits First, Claims Seconds

People often associate car insurance companies with smiling faces, catchy jingles, and funny commercials. Unfortunately, the reality of the insurance world is a lot less lighthearted than many are led to believe.

Insurance companies are designed to generate revenue above all other concerns. They have shareholders, a board of directors, and a corporate hierarchy focused on one goal: profit. While they are in the business of providing people with a service, that service is fundamentally at odds with generating profit growth.

Insurance companies make money with the following tactics:

Claim Denial

When an insurance provider denies a valid claim, they are hoping that the claimant will accept the defeat and move on. Hiring an attorney will show the insurer that the claimant is ready to hold insurers responsible for fulfilling their duty.

Claim Delay

Insurance companies refer to the claim payouts that policyholders are entitled to as float. Though they do not own float, they use it to generate interest income. As with any investment, float pays more the longer it exists. An insurance company may delay a claim to avoid losing interest on the money they are holding. Hiring an attorney will make your claim too costly to ignore or delay for an insurance company. More importantly, delaying a claim without cause is unethical and should be held accountable in court.

Low Initial Settlement Offers

Insurance companies are legally obligated to provide claimants with fair settlements, given their losses. However, insurance companies sometimes offer low settlements with the hope that the claimant will accept it out of ignorance or desperation. Once a claimant agrees with an offer, the insurer is released of all liability to make any additional payments, regardless of your needs. An insurance claims attorney has the experience to ensure you are getting a fair offer that actually provides for your needs. Additionally, your legal counsel must be prepared to take your court to trial if an insurer is being unreasonable.

The Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer

Data supports that hiring a lawyer, even for minor accidents, benefits claimants. Studies have found that claimants received 2 to 5 times more money from a claim if an attorney is representing them. Another study revealed that in cases involving uninsured motorists, claimants managed to recover 90 percent more money with the help of an attorney. In 1993, these studies were used to help insurance companies change how they handle claims to increase their bottom line. In short, insurance companies are scared of claimants who hire lawyers.

If you have been in a car accident, call the insurance claims attorneys at Arnold & Itkin today. Our firm has won billions of dollars for clients because we have the experience and resources to fight the nation's largest companies. Our attorneys can make sure you are getting a fair offer and will explore every avenue for compensation available to you.

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