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The Hidden Costs & Pains of the Napa Valley Fires

Napa citizens have been hit hard, but some of their difficulties cannot be expressed in pictures or video. The losses that they have faced have yet to be extensively covered by the media. These damages are not property values or burnt buildings—but a loss of life and of business revenues that stems from the Napa fires. 

Hidden Costs Are Striking Businesses

Napa businesses are still counting up the costs they are facing from the Wine Country wildfires. Most business owners acknowledge that their expenses reach well beyond their burnt properties. The hotel industry is one of the corporate circles that lost revenue due to a decrease of visitors. Profit loss can end up doubling or tripling the total amount of cost for a Napa business.

When compared to last year, the Napa Valley hotel business reported a 36% drop in revenue due to the wildfires. According to Smith Travel Research, the hotel occupancy rate sank 22% as the daily room rate dipped 19%.

The hotels lost patronage during the fires, but they also attained revenue costs from special events. Many hotels, especially in the Napa Valley area, host weddings or business meetings. Many of these functions were moved to other locations because of the fires, resulting in more losses for the Napa hotel industry that compounded with the dwindled occupancy rate.

Concealed Pain Is Overwhelming Citizens

The Napa fires claimed the lives of thousands of animals in the Wine Country area, and citizens have gathered together to remember these beloved creatures. On Sunday, December 8, more than 50 Napa residents came together to remember their animal companions. They stood outside the Silverado Resort and Spa clubhouse for a memorial that commemorated the lives of the animals lost to the flames.

The organization, In Defense of Animals, joined with the Napa-based Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch to put the memorial together. A member of the former gave a speech at the ceremony and said that, “We acknowledge their (animals) suffering and we give them our love, we also praise the heroic people who came to their aid.”

One speaker at the ceremony reminded everyone why they had gathered, and what had been lost to the flames. She stated that, “A pet is not just an animal, it’s a part of the family.” All who attended the memorial that day were able to grieve their loss together. The community of Napa pet owners have lost members of their family, but this group gathered together to grieve through their pains together.

The Past Can Be Rectified with the Right Representation

Hotels are only one of the hundreds of businesses that have been indirectly affected by the Napa Valley wildfires. While the hotel industry lost an estimated 36% of their revenue, other businesses suffered much worse. If you are a business owner who has lost profits or assets due to the Napa Valley wildfires, we can help.

At Arnold & Itkin, our wildfire insurance claim attorneys have recovered billions of dollars for people just like you. We can help you understand the compensation you are entitled to while forcing insurance companies to pay out what they owe in a timely manner. We can help company owners estimate their losses, file their claims, and obtain the peace of mind they need to continue running businesses.

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