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Decision Upheld in Record $39.74 Million Dust Explosion Verdict

Last April, Arnold & Itkin LLP announced that Attorneys Kyle Findley, Kala Sellers, and Adam Lewis recovered a record verdict of $39.74 million for a dust explosion victim. The Texas worker sustained life-threatening injuries while working at the Georgia-Pacific plywood plant after a dust collection system suddenly exploded. He was performing his duties when the explosion occurred, causing catastrophic injuries and burns to his body. Tragically, two of his coworkers did not survive the blast.

A Strong Case

Over the course of three weeks, we were able to build a comprehensive case that proved the dust system ignited due to its failure to meet numerous safety standards. Additionally, we showed the negligence caused the failure of a spark prevention system to perform its duty. As a result, a violent fire started in the baghouse—one of the most volatile rooms in the plywood plant.

The Verdict Stands

This week, Law360 reported that a Texas state court judge denied an appeal from the two companies ordered to pay damages to our client after the verdict. Both companies, Aircon, Inc. and GreCon, Inc., produced portions of the unsafe dust collection system and were deemed to be at fault for the tragic blast.

After the verdict, both companies motioned for a judgment against the verdict in an attempt to escape the financial repercussions of their carelessness. They claimed that the case built by Arnold & Itkin LLP failed to provide sufficient reason to find them at fault for our client’s life-altering injuries. However, the judge found their accusations incorrect and upheld the original decision.

When asked about the judge's decision to uphold the verdict, attorney Kyle Findley commented, “It sends a message to all companies out there that you can’t cut corners when it comes to safety.”

We are pleased that the court has not failed our client and that he will receive the compensation for the catastrophic injuries he has experienced. This decision has demonstrated that companies will be held responsible for the safety of their employees, whether they like it or not. We are proud to have been able to get results for our client. Justice was done, and we are here to make sure it remains that way.

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