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Gatesville Hospital Explosion Leaves 4 Injured, 12 Patients Evacuated

There was an explosion at a Gatesville hospital earlier this afternoon, according to local reporters.

Four people were injured in the blast, and at least one of them is in critical condition. The explosion happened inside a building that was still under construction on the campus of Coryell Memorial Healthcare System.

Buildings nearby were evacuated—both for safety and because the power was knocked out—including the 25-bed main hospital building. Patients were transported to nearby medical centers and given a chance to call their loved ones.

Current reports say that 12 patients total were transported to other medical centers.

The explosion knocked out power in the city's downtown area, including the Coryell County Courthouse. Firefighters were deployed around 2:15 PM, minutes after the explosion reportedly occurred.

Witnesses reported plumes of black smoke reaching into the sky after a loud blast—a witness close to the scene said, "There was an electrical generator on the other side of the building and it just blew up and scattered stuff all over the place."

Nothing Has Been Made Clear About the Explosion Causes

The building where the explosion occurred was part of a 117,000-foot project that would have expanded Coryell Memorial with new operating rooms, a 25-bed wing, a 16-bed rehabilitation center, administrative offices, and a central plant for boilers and chillers. The building set aside for the boilers and chillers was the one that exploded.

Local reporter Holly Stouffer tweeted photos at the scene:

For now, the police and the fire department are attempting to keep tight control on the information getting out from the scene. Austin-Travis County EMS sent 5 ambulances, a division chief and a district commander to assist with any necessary safety or rescue efforts.

What Hospital Explosion Lawyers Know from Experience

Our Gatesville, Texas explosion lawyers know that incidents like this are far from freak accidents. Instead, they're often a combination of negligence, complacency, and bad luck. We found the same patterns of behavior while investigating the 2010 William Olefins explosion in Geismar and the 2005 BP explosion in Texas City.

As one of the nation's leading advocates for explosion victims and as seasoned investigators for incidents just like the Gatesville hospital explosion, our hearts go out to those who were caught in the explosion. We understand the fear, confusion, and pain that comes with incidents like these. Our clients can testify—it's a long road back to normalcy once you've lived through an explosion.

If you were injured as a result of this explosion—the blast, the power outage, or the evacuation—our hospital explosion attorneys want to know how we can help you. Call (888) 493-1629 or contact us online for help today.