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Truck Explodes at UPS Hub in Lexington, Kentucky—Injuring 8

Eight people have been hospitalized following an accidental explosion at the UPS hub in Lexington, Kentucky. Two of the explosion victims were hospitalized with burns and possible concussions, while the other 6 were hospitalized for observation as a precaution.

According to Lexington Battalion Chief Jason Wells, the explosion appears to be accidental in nature. He said that a truck pulling an acetylene tank exploded while inside the hub. However, the specific cause of the explosion is not yet known. "Nothing leads us to believe this is anything other than an accidental explosion," the fire department said in a tweet. Witnesses say the explosion occurred roughly before 8 AM this morning. They felt the explosion inside nearby buildings.

Our hearts go out to those injured or traumatized by the explosion. As Kentucky explosion lawyers, we're familiar with the profound impact an explosion on our sense of security and well-being. The injuries, outward and inward, require a great deal of recovery time. We also hope the fire department determines the cause of the explosion soon.

The Second UPS Explosion This Year

Explosions at a UPS facility are relatively rare but aren't without precedent. In February 2018, a forklift with a propane leak exploded and caused roughly $100,000 in damage. That explosion occurred at an Illinois facility.

The Third Kentucky Explosion This Week

Only a few days ago, investigators began looking into a boat explosion that occurred on Lake Barkley. In the reports surrounding that explosion, officials say they normally get at least one explosion per year. Just a week ago, an initial explosion occurred on Kentucky Lake.