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Case Filed for Woman Seriously Injured In Car Accident

Arnold & Itkin’s commercial vehicle accident attorneys recently filed a case on behalf of a woman who was involved in a commercial motor vehicle accident in Abilene, Texas. The defendant was determined to be at fault by the police report detailing the crash. The report reveals that the accident occurred when the defendant failed to yield to our client’s vehicle. The young woman was airlifted to the hospital due to serious injuries caused by the accident. She has already undergone multiple surgeries for injuries to her foot, stomach, intestines, head, neck, back, and other parts of her body.

Operating a motor vehicle requires drivers to responsibly follow all rules of the road. When they fail to do so, serious accidents such as this happen. Because of this preventable accident, our client has an unfair and challenging recovery ahead of her. Arnold & Itkin filed suit in Taylor County and is eager to get this young woman the compensation she deserves for her injuries. We look forward to bringing her the financial security that she deserves during this difficult time.