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1 Dead & 2 Injured After Mega Yacht Collides with Fishing Boat

Last Friday, one person was killed and twp more were injured after a large yacht collided with a fishing boat. The accident happened just after 7 P.M. on Friday night, 9 miles off the Imperial Beach coast in San Diego County, California. The United State Coast Guard responded to the scene and rescued 17 passengers from the damaged fishing boat. The 332-foot mega yacht, the Attessa IV, collided with the Prowler, a small 65-foot sportsfisher that was returning from a trip in Mexican waters.

Coast Guard Response

The Coast Guard responded to the scene of the accident in just under an hour with an MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter and two response vessels. One passenger from the fishing vessel was airlifted to the hospital where they died due to injuries from the accident. In addition to the 17 passengers rescued by the Coast Guard, 10 more were transferred to the Attessa IV to be transported back to San Diego.

The San Diego Reader reported that the Prowler was a total loss—the ship did not sink but had experienced extensive damage to its starboard side.

Eye Witnesses Report No Warning Before Collision

In an interview with 10News, passengers reported that the accident happened suddenly while passengers on the Prowler were resting from the day’s events. Hung Ngo, who was on a fishing trip with his son, reported that the pair were fortunate they slept on the left side of the fishing vessel.

"I got lucky that we slept on the left-hand side. I know the people who got hit on the right-hand side. I know if my son or I slept on the right-hand side, that would be a different story. It could be me." – Hung Ngo

Notably, Ngo reports that he heard no warnings before the deadly collision occurred. The fisherman wonders why neither ship was able to prevent the slow-speed collision using radar equipment.

The Coast Guard is investigating the cause of the accident and Arnold & Itkin will continue to follow this story as it develops.