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Suit Filed for Man Crushed by Falling Car at Salvage Yard

Arnold & Itkin is proud to represent a man that was seriously injured while at a Pick-N-Pull salvage yard in Dallas, Texas. The client was attempting to remove an automobile part when the car collapsed and fell on him and crushed his body. It turns out that the car was insecurely fastened on a car rim.

The man sustained severe injuries to his neck, back, shoulder, side, and other parts of his body. Crush injuries like this have the potential to leave someone unable to earn a living for months, even years. Medical care, combined with physical therapy and loss of mobility, can leave people like our client without an income. How is he going to pay for his medical care without going into serious medical debt? How will he support himself or his family? Our firm aims to answer those questions by holding negligent parties accountable to him.

Arnold & Itkin filed the lawsuit in Dallas County and is eager to getting another injured person the compensation he deserves for his injuries.