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Chemical Safety Board Opens Investigation Into Crosby KMCO Plant Explosion

As local investigators strategically spread their resources to investigate the scenes of two plant explosions in Harris County, the United State Chemical Safety Board announced it is launching an investigation into the KMCO plant fire. The CSB is also investigating the Intercontinental Terminals Company Deer Park facility fire, which occurred on March 17 and burned for three days.

What Is the Chemical Safety Board?

The CSB is an independent U.S. federal agency which investigates industrial chemical accidents. Founded in 1998 using provisions from the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990, the CSB is headquartered in Washington D.C. At the time of the CSB’s formation, the Senate stated that its mission is “to investigate accidents to determine the conditions and circumstances which led up to the event and to identify its cause so that similar events might be prevented.”

Notably, the CSB does not issue fines or penalties—its purpose is to accomplish root-cause investigations which the board will use to make safety recommendation to KMCO and government regulators. Many CSB investigations are credited with revealing poor practices across the industry.

Investigators from the CSB frequently identify the following problems:

  • If companies ignored safety issues before an accident
  • A lack of effective safety regulations
  • The specific cause of a chemical accident

The CSB’s investigation into the 2013 Williams Olefins plant in Geismar, Louisiana revealed an inadequate culture of safety at the plant. This lack of safety culture eventually caused an explosion which killed two workers and injured 167 more. Arnold & Itkin secured approximately $31 million for workers injured during the accident.

Arnold & Itkin Welcomes This Investigation as We Are Representing A Survivor

Arnold & Itkin’s chemical plant explosion lawyers recently filed a case on behalf of a survivor of the KMCO accident. Our client suffered severe injuries after the plant’s explosion and will have to deal with physical and emotional damages from this accident for the rest of his life.

We hope that the CSB can identify the causes of this accident so companies have the information needed to prevent similar events in the future. To obtain the justice our client deserves, we’ll show that KMCO failed to properly train employees, failed to provide needed equipment, and did not provide a safe work environment. Our attorneys are looking forward to the completion of the CSB’s investigation and hope that it will be used to prevent future accidents.

If you or loved one were injured in the Crosby KMCO plant explosion, we are ready to help at (888) 493-1629.