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Case Filed for Woman Suffering Because of KMCO Plant Explosion

Arnold & Itkin is representing a young woman who developed major respiratory injuries because of the April 2019 KMCO chemical plant explosion and fire. The blast at the KMCO plant occurred after the plant had been under investigation for multiple safety and environmental issues. Arnold & Itkin is also representing numerous workers who were at the plant at the time of the explosion.

Chemical plants are inherently dangerous because of the materials that they use. Because dangers are so common at these facilities, plant owners must always protect others from accidents such as the KMCO chemical plant explosion. We assert that the owners of this plant failed to protect workers and the surrounding community from the dangers of their facility.

The plant explosion attorneys from Arnold & Itkin have a long history of obtaining justice for those suffering because of these serious incidents. We know that every accident is preventable, and we fight to ensure that individuals and their families receive the compensation that they need for recovery. Our team filed this case in Harris County, Texas.