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Why Contingency Fees Help Your Personal Injury Case

In Texas, the first and most important step in a personal injury case is selecting an attorney. Part of what makes personal injury attorneys unique is they handle claims under contingency agreements. Contingency agreements are contracts between a lawyer and plaintiff that outline how much of a case’s winnings the lawyer will receive as a fee.

Clients only pay contingency fees if an attorney wins a case. If there is no settlement or verdict that benefits a client, an attorney will not collect anything. Since an attorney’s payment depends on results, it is in their best interest to work as hard as possible for a client and get as high of a result as possible. In other words, contingency fees put you and your lawyer on the same team.

What Do Contingency Fees Consist Of?

Contingency fees are based off a percentage agreed on between a lawyer and client before work begins on a case. The percentage of an agreement is always set before any work starts and any contracts are signed. In some cases, additional fees may accompany a contingency fee after a trial. Additional charges are especially common during complicated or prolonged trials that require an extensive amount of evidence gathering.

Other fees may include:

  • Costs of discovery
  • Expert witnesses used in the trial
  • Medical and public record fees
  • Other costs

Why Do Contingency Fees Matter?

Contingency fees matter because they free clients from the stress of finances and unlock access to the best legal help possible. Since they do not have to search for an attorney based on a budget, every person has the freedom to obtain the legal help they need instead of the help they can afford. When a person does not need to worry about the cost of their legal assistance, they are given a fair chance at justice.

Some law firms operate on volume—they take as many cases as possible and try to settle them quickly to mitigate their costs. Other firms care for clients, take the time to investigate their case, and provide dedicated and aggressive representation which does not settle for less money than a person needs to get their life back on track. Our firm is falls into the category that cares about our clients.

At Arnold & Itkin, we’ve won billions of dollars for clients because we know that results matter. Contact us today at (888) 493-1629 for a free consultation to find out if our firm is the right choice for you!